8 Women Reveal Their Hottest Summer Sex Stories

8 Women Reveal Their Hottest Summer Sex Stories

Besides the skimpy clothing, iced coffees, and suggestive popsicle-eating, nothing says summer quite like a random fling. When it comes to an all-consuming, sexy AF romp with someone we barely know, we just can’t help ourselves. And really, why should we?

It wasn’t long before we attempted the quietest sex ever in his tent

“Last summer, my friends dragged my nerdy ass to an outdoor concert. The crowds were insane, and it wasn’t long before we lost track of each other. As I sulked by the food vendors, a tall, incredibly hot stranger asked if he could buy me a drink. We hit it off. We ditched our friends and headed back to his place. (I texted my bestie and told her not to worry, but sent her his address just in case.) We ended up spending the entire weekend in bed-eating, drinking, and Best of all, we never learned each other’s names.” -Tina K.

“I took my dog to the park, where he ‘met’ a new lady friend, and her owner was very good looking. We decided to take our dogs out on a super-casual date that night-and since our pets wasted no time getting it on, neither did we.” -Sammy M.

“After my five-year relationship ended, I spontaneously decided to take a trip to New York to do some soul-searching. Well, until I met Edward, a gorgeous guy who was also rebounding. I bumped into him at a bistro (literally, I spilled my latte on him), and we spent the next week or so making out at major landmarks like we were on our honeymoon. until we finally sealed the deal in my hotel room and his pillow talk consisted of asking me ‘where this was going.’ Hey, it was fun while it lasted.” -Sera K.

“While my friends were hitting the beach, I was manning a booth at a trade show for the weekend. I spotted a guy across the way who looked just as bored as me, and we eventually struck up a flirty conversation (that, of course, had nothing to do with what either of us were selling). Afterward, we went back to business as usual. The beach can suck it.” -Emily A.

“In my early twenties, I went on a cruise with one of my best friends for a week-long summer vacation. I hooked up with one of the entertainment professionals known as the ‘one man strength and balance show.’ His act was similar to a Cirque du Soleil performance, only solo. And we’ll just leave it at that.” -Stefanie S.

“My first summer home from college, I worked in a garden center with this guy named Ted. We always found excuses to be in each other’s presence. The caveat was that we were both seeing other people at the time (nothing serious for either of us, but still). At the end of the season, I came in to pick up my last paycheck just as he was closing up. Seconds after he locked the door, we started making out by the birdseed and eventually got busy in one of the garden sheds. We never saw each other again.” -Mia T.

“My roommate, who’d just been dumped, had a family reunion to attend and begged me to go with her. It was there that I met her cousin, who was basically Jared Leto’s doppelganger. We partied until the wee hours, but were eventually shushed by his older sister, who’d besthookupwebsites sugar daddy apps USA just gotten her kids to sleep. We stayed up all night talking and flirting. I thought it would be awkward, but it was a total rush!” -Jen H.

We took our lunch breaks at the same time and ended up having sex in an empty conference room

“The summer between high school and college, my friends and I threw a party at my bestie’s cottage to celebrate our freedom. I had a huge crush on this guy, but I never had the guts to tell him-and soon he’d be moving to Boston for school. I got up to go to the bathroom and found Brad turning the bathtub into a bed for himself. After a few flirty comments, I pounced on him. I went to pull away, only it was clear he wanted to keep going.-Jenny W.

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